How to Install a Security Door

how to install a security door

Often people misunderstand home security as a luxury, only applicable for rich people or celebrities, as extra security comes with an expense. 

But that’s not the case anymore. 

how to install a security door

Adding simple things like an extra door in front of your front door or patio door or any other external doors can make you feel secure against a minimal investment. 

If you have pets or small kids at home and are hesitant to open the door to strangers or intruders and wish to let some fresh air while staying secure, you must get a security door installed. They provide safety and also keeps your house ventilated. 

Now the question arises, how to install a security door? Can it be installed by the DIY technique? Or is a technician required? Let us answer these questions and explore all other details about security doors. 

How to Install A Security Door?

Every homeowner or the dwellers of the house want to return home and unwind in a secured place. To add to their “peace of mind,” you should install a security door. It adds a layer of security screen to keep intruders away and adds to the air ventilation when kept open.

Installing security doors is quite simple, and you can DIY. You must know the proper steps and avoid doing rework. 

Step 1- Take the Right Measurement.

The first and necessary step of buying a new screen door is to measure your doorway frame correctly. Security screen doors are available in multiple sizes, color options, designs, and types. 

If required, you may also consult a professional to be sure before making any significant changes. To fit your home door and serve the purpose, the security door must be the right size and style. 

Step 2- Follow the Instructions

Never skip this step. If you are doing it yourself, make sure you go through the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully before installing the door. 

To make installation more manageable, you can separate all the screws and keep them divided according to the type of door and places where it will fit in the door. 

Step 3- Install the Locks, Handles, And Hinges.

According to most door installations, you will have to attach both backing plates onto your door after you have taken the right measurement of where to install the lock and handles. 

Post this, and you must attach the inside handle and the locking lever to the internal backing plate. You can now attach the backing plate and handle assembly onto the lock body. 

After completing this step, you must repeat it with the external backing plate and fasten them with screws. The hinges can be installed simply by screwing them into the door. All this work should be done only after taking adequate measurements. 

Step 4- Install the Door

In this step, you will need an extra pair of hands for the installation. The other person will have to hold the security door upright while you install the doorway. You should start with the top hole and drill up to the molding. 

You must keep drilling until you reach the bottom hinge’s bottom hole. To check if the door has been installed well, trying swinging to see it’s moving evenly. 

Step 5- Attach the Header and Other Expander Pieces.

The piece is the header that needs to be installed above the security door. You may have already drilled holes on the header piece. Therefore, it will be relatively easy to fit the screws. 

While fitting the screws, you must always use a screwdriver. The final piece is the expander that will prevent the collection of debris under the door. While the door is open, all you have to do is slide the expander piece right across the bottom of your door. 

That completes the installation of your security door. 

Types of Security Doors

There are a variety of security doors that function differently. Let’s find out what are the most popular types. 

Inswing or Outswing

The most common security doors amongst residential complexes are the inswing doors. However, they are not as secure as the outswing doors. The outswing doors are more airtight and durable. 

In most areas, the structure of the building determines whether you can install an inswing or an outswing door.  

Openwork or Screen Security Doors

The openwork security door is also considered a screen door, mostly installed right in front of any entry or exit door. It is a secure system, but it’s unlike a true security door

The openwork security doors are usually made of an aluminum frame or decorative steel and grille with a layer of inlaid tempered glass. It gives out a look that is similar to the wrought iron or glass door. 

Reinforced Security Door

To add extra security to the door, the interior of the doors must be reinforced with either aluminum or steel. This will prevent it from being kicked open or bent. 

The exception to this is a solid wood security door that does not need any interior reinforcement, as the hardwood adds extra strength and prevents it from pushed open. 

Prehung Security Door 

Most security doors are sold prehung as the framework is an essential component to the door’s security. Most security doors don’t have a wood frame but instead have a frame made of aluminum or steel. As these security doors come prehung, they contain the necessary security hinges. 

Steel security doors are also available in slab form, and they do not come with hinges or frames. You can replace a damaged security door with the security door slab, and do not worry about the frame as that is already intact. 

Benefits of Installing A Security Door?

Here are some of the most common benefits of having a security door installed- 

  • You feel confident to open your door to a stranger
  • Having the main door open, there is ventilation during summer days. 
  • Not having to worry about pets and toddlers to go out yet enjoy the view outside. 
  • Installing a mesh door allows privacy to the home dwellers.
  • It is a good deterrent for thieves and burglars. 
  • A different locking system can also be installed for extra security. 


Keeping your house secure is the utmost priority of any homeowner. The simplest yet effective way of doing that is by installing a security door. However, for its effectiveness, the door must be installed correctly. 

Besides just answering how to install a security door, we have unfolded many other aspects of security doors and their importance.

Installing these security doors by yourself can be exhausting and frustrating if you do not have the right tools. You can always approach a professional for help, rather than compromising on your security. You can also add additional safety enhancements like motion-sensor cameras or lights or alarms to be extra secured. 

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