Does Window Security Film Really Work?

does window security film really work

What is a home without windows. Windows play a crucial role in connecting us to the outside world. A home full of natural light is inviting and welcoming and that is what we want our home to be. We open them to let fresh air into our homes, and we close them to keep out the cold. But windows do much more than that. They also help protect our homes from burglars and vandals.

does window security film really work

But windows are also a point of vulnerability for a home. A ball, rock, or the cliché brick through the window that Hollywood loves so much. Not all windows are created equally. While some windows are rated for high winds and other factors, not all windows perform the same way. Replacing windows is a very expense and time consuming undertaking.

One cost effective way to add protection to your home is to install window film. Window films can provide additional characteristics to your current windows, like adding security protection, filtering light and adding color. 

Now, are these films worth it? Read down below to learn more about the options. No worries, we have got you covered.

Do Window Security Films Really Work? 

By this article, we dig into the facts of window security films. We have stated all the pros and cons of this thing neutrally. 

Now, when it comes to security films, we highly encourage people to invest in this. However, like every other security upgrade, it always comes at a cost. 

We genuinely believe it to be a decent security solution. It proves to be a significant deterrent to potential burglars, but the chances are that they can break through that film when having the right tools and executed flawlessly. 

Say you want your home to be completely secured, and that is very obvious. In this case, we highly recommend you install some extra accessories like braces and locks to your doors and windows and a proper security monitoring system like cameras, etc. 

Further measures should be taken, and it is totally on your hands being the owner of the house. Assess your measures, and if you find any loophole, fix it immediately. 


If we are talking about the benefits, then are numerous benefits like from ambiance to security, it has got these issues covered up.

#1 Improves Safety

Installing a certified security film ensures a more significant safety from hailstorms or other catastrophes. It can easily absorb shocks, sticks to its place, and keeps the hazardous wrecks together, minimizing the risk of injury. 

#2 Safeguards the Property During Vandals

When you have a Security Film installed, you don't need to worry about chemicals and color splatters because the film layer is enough to protect itself from scratches and all. To maintain the look, remove the film, and you can replace it, which is way cheaper than replacing windows. 

#3 Shatterproof

One of the best advantages of installing a security film is that it is shatterproof. It acts as a massive adhesive barrier. No matter how damaged it is, it will always hold its pieces together.


#1 Not Bulletproof

The truth is there is no such window film that is bulletproof. However, there are various videos, fake claims which often mislead buyers. 

It cannot stop a bullet from breaking, bullets can easily pierce through a glass surface, and it will shatter, but the pieces will not fall off; they will stick to their place. 

#2 It Is Not Impenetrable 

This can be considered as another misconception that security films are impenetrable. Absolutely no, this film is can never be a substitute for metal guards. With enough time, it is easy to break through the security film with appropriate tools and efforts in case of burglary. 

 #3 Not a Good Option for Every Window

Many people consider window security films a perfect option for window panes, yes, I agree it does alter the decors, but it is not the same for all windows. In case you got old window frames, the security film will not be able to put on much strength to it or give its initial best. 

Alternatives for Window Security Film

#1 Use Shades

Using shades or curtains for windows seems a pretty good option because it enhances your privacy quality. Firstly, no one can see your valuable stuff from outside; it is simple and an excellent way to prevent burglars. Secondly, shades or curtains come in various color combinations, which can help alter the room's ambiance. 

#2 Install Window Lock

Installing a few window locks can be the best to enhance your security. Though in some areas, it is considered to be against building codes, however, installing a few locks (key locks) to your windows ensures security and may help in cases of emergency.  

#3 Install Window Guards

Installing window guards could be the best option to go with when it comes to securing your windows. These are lockable metal screens and provide greater security and prove very helpful in case of an emergency. 

If you have many windows, install window guards to all of them and get them keyed to only one key, this will come in handy in many situations.  

Now let's see the options for window security films if you are willing to buy one. 


Now, as you have read this far, I hope you have probably understood the gist of it. But to make it easier, I will sum it up for you. In simple words, none of these glass panes or films are bulletproof; a person with a plan or a potential intruder can still breakthrough, no matter how hard the glass is. 

These are excellent in protecting from UV rays, keeps the room cool. Even if it breaks, the pieces will stick to their place, which reduces the chance of getting injured. It may not work well with old glasses. 

Despite all these conditions, it is still the go-to security solution for many people. And if you want to make it more secure, all you can do is install some extra accessories like locks, etc. and make the security tighter and harder. 

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