How to Hide A Security Camera Outside

how to hide a security camera outside

Almost everyone in today's world uses home security cameras for their safety and the safety of their assets.

These security cameras have become a vital component of our daily life. 

how to hide a security camera outside

The primary purpose of using them is to keep an eye on mischief activities such as burglary or damage to your items. Here comes the need to place them at a place where they can be kept hidden to prevent them from being noticed and disabled.

How to Get the Maximum Benefit of Your Spy Camera?

To get the maximum benefits out of your camera, you may think to hide it. There are many advantages to hide your cameras, such as: 

  • They are less prone to be damaged by thieves and buglers as they cannot spot and disable them.
  • Guests will feel more comfortable.
  • It will not deteriorate the design and aesthetics of your home. 

Hide Your Camera in Plain View

The best way to hide your cameras is to place them within the objects of daily use. People will not be able to locate the cameras in these objects, and hence you can record and watch their activity without them being aware of this. 

This helps you to avoid burglary and damage to your assets and people. You can adopt this approach for both indoor and outdoor places. You can place them within decorative items, but do remember not to put them within an object that seems fake or artificial. Also, do not put the camera within a precious or valuable object. 

Think of the creative ideas and hide them at a place that a person ignores typically to look and examine. About 36% of the thieves make their way through the front door. Other places where they can enter can be the back door, floor windows, and kitchen windows. 

So, place your hidden camera at these critical spots. In indoor areas, you can hide the camera within: 

  • Reading books or notebooks.
  • Fire alarms
  • Toys
  • Electronic devices, to name a few.

In Outdoor Places (Like in A Yard), Hide Your Camera Within

  • Artificial Rocks: You can find an artificial rock on the market. They are creative, and you can put a camera into them. They will be less vulnerable to get spotted and disabled. Nowadays, various dustbins designs are also available in the market, and you can place them in your garden or lawn to monitor the area.
  • Bird Feeders or Birdhouses: Old birdhouses and bird feeders are the perfect places to hide a spy camera outdoor. Hiding the camera in the small hole with an enclosed birdhouse lets you record the mischief happening in the area.  
  • Decorative items for lawn
  • PVC pipes: We often use PVC pipes in our gardens or outside areas for many reasons like to water plants. 
  • Near bushes or trees: People can hardly find out the spy camera when placed in a bush or on a tree. The leaves and branches of the trees make it almost impossible to notice the hidden camera.

Some people use both standard and spy cameras to monitor people's activities to protect their assets. They do this as a regular camera will give the people a sense of being monitored and under surveillance. 

In contrast, the hidden cameras are installed in a nearby place to record the whole gamut of activities, if the normal and exposed ones are noticed and damaged by burglars or thieves.

The layout of the home also dramatically influences the place where you can hide your spy cameras. Hide them at places where they cannot be located by a casual look. 

In the case of wireless cameras, you have to hide them within the Wi-Fi range.

You have to keep a few things in mind before you start hiding your camera, like: You have to get a Mini camera or spy camera. 

The ideal way to begin hiding your camera is to purchase a spy or small camera for security. It makes it more comfortable for you to hide a small camera. Their portability enables you to hide them anywhere and at any place to watch the activities in the concerned areas, such as a garage, lawn, kitchen, garage, etc. 

Position the camera at the place from where they can provide you clear and quality images. Nowadays, these cameras come in the design of toys, charging adaptors, clocks, table lamps, etc., to ease installing and hiding them. In the case of hidden cameras, a battery-powered one is a perfect choice for you to go with. 

How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside?

You can use PVC pipes for this purpose or can run them underground. However, the best solution to get rid of the wires of the security cameras is to switch for a wireless security camera that is powdered via batteries. You can become more creative and can think of many more such ideas.


The main aim of hidden security cameras is to record people's activities to protect your people and assets. Therefore, it will be foolish to place them at a place where one can easily spot them. You should find an appropriate place where you can hide your camera and at the same time do remember to place them at a place from where they can deliver you perfect footage and surveillance. 

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