How to Install A Wall Safe

how to install a wall safe

Most crime reports are related to the burglary and stealing of valuable items. Everyone has some assets that are most valuable and precious for them.

This list may include property and other important documents, jewellery, passports, and so on. 

how to install a wall safe

We always desire and try to secure them appropriately to keep them from being stolen. 

Wall safes play an essential role here. Wall safes offer you a secure, safe, and affordable space to put your things inside. They are preferred over traditional safes as they cannot be removed easily, and they are often hidden and can't be noticed quickly and for many more reasons. It is pretty easy to install them and does not require any professional skill for that.

Prerequisites Before You Install Your Safe

  • At first, try to have a right and quality safe. A decent, safe cost around $150-$300 depending on their features. Try not to compromise with investing in a reliable item about security.
  • Check how much they are resistant to burglary. 
  • Introspect that if you need a fire-resistant safe or a normal one.
  • Check their resistance to rain. Choose a safe that does not corrode easily and can last long.
  • Check out the features you need according to your needs, such as; a smart lock.

Tools Required

  • Hammer
  • Drywall saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Leveler etc.

How to Install A Wall Safe?

1. Locate Your Studs

Fixing the safe between the studs makes it less noticeable. At first, locate the place where you have studs. You should examine if there is any plumbing or electrical wire at the place where you will place your safe. You can do this in two manners, and you can purchase a stud finder.

Just get it from the nearby hardware store, then simply line up. As soon as it detects a stud, the lights glow up. In case you don't have a stud finder and you don't want to buy one, you can find out the stud by just tapping on the wall. It is easy to differentiate between a stud and a solid space as a hollow space sounds differently than a solid space.

2. Mark Your Studs

Once you locate your studs, you should mark them because you have to cut the holes; in between the two studs you have marked. It will guide you while cutting out the section. 

3. Cut Out A Small Space with The Help of a Drywall Knife

After you have purchased an excellent safe and marked the place to install it, you can proceed to cut it into your wall. With the aid of a drywall knife, make the holes in the wall. After making the holes, cut out space.

4. Electrical Wiring or Plumbing

I recommend making a small hole at first to easily check to ensure that there is no plumbing or wiring at that place. You can take a coat hanger apart for this purpose. 

In case you discover wires, then divert their location. If there is plumbing, you may have to alter the location of your safe. If you do not detect one, you can proceed into the same space.

5. Scale the Wall to Mark the Size Hole Needing to Be Cut for The Safe

With the help of a pencil, mark the four corners of the hole according to the safe's dimensions. 

Make straight lines between the marked corners. Measure and mark them correctly to avoid any wrong hole and an even cut. 

6. Cut Out A Hole in The Wall by Following the Labeling

Now, cut out the hole along the labeled lines. Begin with the bottom edge and cut the top in the last to avoid uneven edges as the piece may fall out.

7. Slide Your Safe into The Hole

Slide your Wall safe into the hole. Remember to hold it carefully as it can be heavy and may fall. Due to locks, the doors tend to be heavy. So, hold up from the upper right corner to avoid such a fall.

8. Secure the Safe into The Stud

Mark holes to match with the safe's interior. Make the holes and drill in the screws, and tighten them correctly. This becomes a significant step as it ensures preventing thieves from quickly taking out the safe from the wall.

9. Insert the Shelves

Put the shelves inside the safe at their places and correctly fix them. Tilt the shelves to fit in the safe.


Once installed, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your valuable items are secure. Follow the steps mentioned above to install your wall safe by yourself easily. Each step has been mentioned in a detailed way. 

Remember not to apply undue force to tighten the screws as it will result in their breakage. Many wall safes are not fully fire-resistant, and it is recommended not to keep your essential documents in them as they can get burnt if a fire breaks out. 

I hope this article was helpful for you, and with the points mentioned, you can quickly proceed with installing your wall safe.

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