How to Lock Your Door Without a Lock

how to lock a door without a lock

People enter your home or room through the doors. But they are also useful to provide you security and safety and at the same time keep out undesirable people and interferences. And for this very purpose, the doors have locks. They ensure your privacy and safety. 

how to lock a door without a lock

At times the locks can get damaged by a toddler, a teenager playing with the lock, or corrosion due to moisture and weather conditions. Whatever be the reason, you would require fixing it or installing a new one as soon as possible. 

Till that time, you can make a creative and working lock by yourself with the things from your surroundings. Such locks will be valuable for you in emergencies.  

How to Lock Your Door Without A Lock?

You can make a temporary lock for your door by getting imaginative and creative. You can do so by using any of the following methods: 

1. Put a chair under the door handle. You can use a chair to lock your door. Simply set the height to the back and roll it straight under the door handle. If someone tries to enter, they simply would not push the handle down and cannot make their way through the doors. 

It is recommended to use an office chair as you can set its back to the required height. If you do not have an office chair, you can use bricks or other supports to adjust your chair's height. 

2. Use a doorstop: If you have used a door rubber to keep your door open and stop it by placing it under the space beneath the door, you can also lock a closed door. Just slide it under the door; nice and tight. You will not be able to open the door from either side. 

If you have not got a rubber stop, you can make one by yourself out of cardboard. Just roll it up and fold it into a wedge shape. Because there is less friction with the cardboard, they will work better on the carpet floor. You can also use a thick sock in place of cardboard. 

3. Locking your door with a fork: Many of you might call it a crazy and odd idea but let me tell you, it does work. You can use a fork to lock the door. Use a plier and turn it at 90 ° over about 0.5 inches from the top and cut the handle of the fork. 

Open the door you want to lock and put the fork's head into the strike plate's hole. Place the other part of the fork between the teeth of the fork. Well, your door has been locked and cannot be opened by using a normal force

4. Use a belt: You can utilize your belt to lock your door. Take your belt and stretch it between the door's handle and hooks to lock the door. It will not allow the other person to press down the handle and not open the door. In the case of automatic doors, you can simply stretch the belt on the hinge to lock the door securely.


5. Portable Door Locks: You can also use portable door locks. Initially made for traveling purposes, they can be used to lock the doors. However, in this case, you can only lock the door from inside and not outside. 

You can use them quickly, and they are easy to install. You can utilize them on the doors that already have a lock to get additional security. 

6. Use a Door Barricade: A door Barricade is simply equipment that can be harbored to the floor and consists of two components, the barrier and the base plate. Simply place the barrier into the base plate to lock your door. 

They are anchored to the floor to act as a powerful barrier and withstand even a stronger force. They can be fixed to any type of floor. You can fix it to marble, wooden, cemented, or carpet floor.


You can think of many more creative ways to lock your door without a lock. You can use a heavy object as a lock. Simply put them close to the door. It will require the other person to apply a larger force to make their way in. 

Above are some of the methods you can do so, but all these methods can withstand a certain amount of force and may not work beyond a certain force. However, you can use them if you have a situation where you need to lock your door for privacy, safety, and many more reasons. 

I would suggest getting your door lock as soon as possible to prevent any mischief activity.

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