How Long Do Ring Batteries Last?

how long do ring batteries last

Ring Video Doorbells hold the forefront position when we talk about modern home Doorbells.

You can use them to keep an eye on the activities of people at your door from a faraway place.

how long do ring batteries last

You can also watch the footage whenever you wish to connect your doorbell to your phone or PC. A doorbell with a battery has a significant advantage. You can install them at any place and need not be worried about the power outlet to make your device functional.

How Long Does the Ring Battery Last?

The first question that people ask before purchasing a Ring doorbell is how long its battery lasts once it charges fully. The battery life varies with different models or versions of the Ring doorbell

It also varies from person to person depending upon how they use their Doorbells. Ring says that the battery should last anywhere from 6 to 12 months between charges under normal conditions and everyday usage. 

What Is Normal Usage?

Typical usage is 750 to 1000 events. Here, events refer to anything that will make your doorbell activated. So, live view, button push, or any kind of motion detected by your doorbell refers to an event. 

You can connect your doorbell to a power outlet with the help of wires to keep your battery always charged. It will give a longer battery life for your Doorbell. It does not mean that battery will never die. 

You will be required to change the battery once its working life ends. The Ring app will alert you when the battery gets low. You can charge your Ring battery with the help of micro-USB cables. 

Factors Influencing the Ring Battery Life

  • Weather conditions: Ring Doorbells have lithium batteries. They do not do well in the cold. At 36°F, the battery might not hold charge efficiently, resulting in the battery not being charged more frequently. In too much cold weather, it may stop charging and working. At 32°F, the battery might not charge at all, and at negative 5°F, the battery might stop working altogether, rendering your device useless. The battery drains more quickly in cold weather. 
  • Usage: More active motions drain the battery at a faster rate. If you set the sensitivity of the doorbell too high, then it may detect even the motion of a tree due to wind or a cat, and hence you are not going to have longer battery life in that condition. Ring recommends minimizing the sensitivity to make your battery last longer.
  • Live viewing: If you watch the live footage for more extended periods, then it's inevitable that the battery will drain at a faster rate. The battery discharges at a higher pace if you switch on the two-way communication.
  • Wi-Fi Strength: A good and strong connection is ideal for Ring batteries. If you have a weak Wi-Fi connection, then it may result in a shorter battery life of your Ring Device.

How to Recharge Your Ring Battery?

Ring provides you the option to recharge the battery of your Doorbell. Follow the steps below for the same:

  • Remove the faceplate of your Ring device by unscrewing the two screws with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Put out the mounting plate by raising it gently.
  • Glide the battery out by pressing the black color button.
  • Plugin the micro-USB cable to recharge your device.
  • Once your device gets charged, place all the things in order again.

How to Make Your Battery Last Longer?

You can increase the battery life in several ways:

  • Switch off the motion sensor
  • Minimize the distance at which motions are detected
  • Use a solar panel to power your device.
  • Don't view the live streaming for more extended periods. Also, cut down the features you don't require while watching live footage. You can switch off two-way communication and only hear the voice of the person at the door.
  • Reduce the sensitivity of your doorbell. The ring enables you to change the sensitivity of your doorbell. In case you set the sensitivity to a higher level, your camera will sense even the motion of tree branches and alarm you. This is going to drain the battery quickly. It is suggested to turn down the sensitivity to avoid false alarms so that you can have longer battery life for your device. Reduce the motion zones. 
  • Minimize the brightness level of your doorbell.


The battery life of Ring varies with different versions and depends on many factors. The weather of your area and how you use your device determine your doorbell's battery life to a large extent. 

You can use solar panels to keep your battery charged. You can also connect your Doorbell to a power outlet to have long battery life. Ring video doorbell comes with an in-built lithium battery that can be recharged using a micro-USB cable. The battery lasts from 6 to 12 months if used normally. Hardwiring your device saves your battery life and hence makes it possible for it to last longer.

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