How to Bolt Down Your Safe

how to bolt down your safe

Robbers with the proper equipment can rob and take away a safe with them.

This is the reason why you should consider bolting down your safe properly to a concrete floor or wood, with the help of proper tools. 

how to bolt down your safe

Before your start installing the safe, locate the place where you want to install the safe. Do consider the wall's closeness on its sides because you may find it difficult to open the safe completely.

The place where one wants to install the safe also varies. It may be in a garage setting or even at home, but you need to focus on making sure that the safe is level and sitting firmly on a concrete foundation. For this, you can put plastic sims.

Usually, people install the safe either on a wood or a concrete floor. The types of bolts also vary depending on the type of floor; for example, a wood floor usually requires large lag bolts while you need concrete anchors on the concrete floor. Choose anchors which fit and hold the safe to the floor. 

The number of bolt holes also varies from safe to safe. You can get one or many bolt holes. Usually, safes can either have one or four bolts based on the safe you have. Most Fireproof safes have only one hole in the center so that the amount of space created by holes could be minimized. 

By this, the heat due to fire will not enter the safe, and your belongings inside the safe will remain protected. In the case of non-fire safes, this is not done as it will make no difference as nothing can be prevented from the fire in that case.

The Tools You Will Need

The right tools in hand will make the whole process easy for you. So before starting how to bold down your safe to the concrete foundation, you have to start with the tools you need. Let's begin with some tools that are required to do this job.

1. Heavy Hammer Drill

Choose a hammer drill depending on the type of floor you have to drill. You can simply pick it up from any hardware store. Don't buy a low-quality bit, go for a high-quality bit instead, as it makes things easier. If you buy a better bit, it will last longer, it is faster to do, and it saves a lot of your money in the long run.

2. Bolts

Use the appropriate bolts for your safe. Buy excellent and heavy bolts that can avoid rusting. Your anchors should fit through the hole and go deep into the base. Large anchors make it possible for you to secure the safe and set it firm on the floor.

3. Impact Drill

Get a good one once again; however, any impact drill will do pretty better if you make holes well and go in the right way.

4. Vacuum

You will also require something to vacuum out the holes after you drill on. It allows the bolts to go in a lot easier and secure manner.

One thing you will require to do typically, is making sure that the safe is level and sitting firmly on the wood or concrete floor. You can put some plastic shims or make a pretty flat surface to make sure that it sits firmly on the foundation so that you can avoid the shaking of the safe while or after bolting. So, you need to cement it down. 

You can take out the interior gun rack section of the safe to make the process of bolting easier for you.

So, let's start by drilling the safe into the concrete foundation.

Wear a protection glass and ear protection to avoid any accident while drilling.

Bolting Down Your Safe

Step 1 – Place the Safe

Finalize the place where you want your safe to be installed. Place the safe at that location, or else it will be challenging for you to move it.

Step 2 – Marking the Holes

Some safes already have the holes marked, but you have to mark the holes by yourself in some safes. You can do so with the help of a permanent marker. This will help you put the drill back in place, and it will be easy for you to drill the holes properly.

Step 3 – Drilling Your Holes

Simply drill the holes by putting the drill straight and applying just a little pressure. You should hold the drill properly. Pay attention while drilling to avoid damaging the side of the safe. 

If your bit is small and cannot penetrate the floor simultaneously when you are drilling the holes, you can simply move the safe and drill the holes first and then drill the floor for bolting. Once done with this step, move on to the next one.

Step 4 – Vacuum Out Your Holes

Many people do not feel the necessity of doing this step, but this is also very important. You are required to vacuum out the dust from the holes and the nearby space. 

If you do not vacuum out this dust from the holes, you may not be able to tighten the bolts properly as it will not go the entire way. Your safe will not be secured and fixed correctly to the floor. You can use a shop-Vac or any other vacuum to do this.

Step 5 – Insert Your Bolts

In case you have shifted your safe, place it back to its appropriate place. Here you have to pay attention. If the safe will not line up correctly according to the holes, you may face difficulty while inserting bolts. 

After assuring this, insert the bolts through the safe into the holes that you have drilled. Bolts can be a tight fit, so it is fine if you cannot put them down entirely into the holes.

Step 6– Screw the Bolts

Use an impact drill to tighten the bolts. Simply place the impact drill on the bolts and screw them inside the holes. This will tighten the bolts and allow them to go the entire way inside the holes. 

Hence your safe has been fixed to the floor. Feel secure and relaxed, and you are all down with bolting down your safe. Finally, clean up the entire area and wipe out the dust.


You can easily bolt down your safe by following the steps mentioned above. Wear eye protection glass and ear protection while drilling to avoid any accident or hurt to your eyes and ears. 

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